Susanna P. Starcevic
2801 B Street, No. 137
San Diego, CA 92102

M: 619 / 840 2617

“The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct and the hand to execute.”

- Junius


These are the most important dimensions of who we are as a professional firm – and of the commitment we make to our clients. And yet those words rarely, if ever, appear in the legal documents that form the basis of our relationships with those we serve.

We use our expertise to skillfully manage assets for the benefit of trust beneficiaries, be they family members, institutions or charitable organizations. We work directly with families and/or their professional representatives, including attorneys, financial advisors and accountants. With experience in finance, law, real estate and business, we bring practical savvy and know-how to matters that may involve tax complexities, family sensitivities and long-range vision.

When you're seeking a fiduciary to administer a trust, our most important contribution to you may be our pledge to make it as easy as possible for you, with clear, straightforward communication and an initiative-oriented approach that gets things done. Regardless of a trust's complexity or stipulations, or the delicate and emotional family dynamics that may be involved, you can be sure we'll manage our fiduciary responsibilities with care, professionalism and integrity.

Because basically, we have one overriding and constant concern: to continue to earn your trust.